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Italian and American Citizenship 


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Acknowledging the Complexities of Adoption

Studied English and African Diaspora, Comes from a Multicultural and Transracial upbringing, & is a Professional Genealogist. 

National Genealogical Society Member

From her own personal experience with adoption, Ariana knows the complexities that can make locating a biological parent or child hard. From unknown information to counsling on the possibilities, Ariana can help guide you down this journey.

View what services we have to offer and see what other clients have to say about us. We are here to help you and ensure your identity and story is defined by you. While we also help with adoptions, we do not provide DNA testing. Learn more about What DNA Testing Can Do

Using her experience in Professional Genealogy and her education of Italian History, Ariana helps gather the information an prepare you to obtain your dual citizeenship in Italy.


Discovering You Genealogically can help you uncover those who made you, you. Ariana Fiorello is a Historian, Anthropologist, and Professional Genealogist. Ariana combines her loves for both fields to help her clients discover their family's history and their own unique individuality.

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Using her expertise in and Professional Genealogy, Ariana digs deep into your family history and provides an in-depth report and chart detailing your family lineage. These reports may include images and brief synopses of the lives of your ancestors. 

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Ariana Fiorello

Family Lineage Research, Reports, & Charts

Discovering You Genealogically Services Include:

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Using her expertise in both Multiculturalism and Professional Genealogy, Ariana helps you to understand the diaspora of your ethnic people and the role your family played in it.

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Ariana blends her expertise in multicultural experiences and genealogy to create a complete picture: “who am I, and where did my people come from?” The following are just some of the genealogical services that Discovering You Genealogically provides. 


"The best way to know who you are, is to know who you come from"

Discovering You is proud to be a member of DNA Huntress. DNA Huntress is a group of professional genealogists who took their passion for family history to the next level. As graduates of Boston University's (BU) 15-week intensive Genealogical Research certificate program,  we are prepared to help others with their family research needs. We know research techniques, how to follow the standards, document, and report the results to you. Some of us have also had additional education, for example, in DNA analysis. 

Discovering You Genealogically