"The best way to know who you are, is to know who you come from"

Discovering You is proud to be a member of DNA Huntress. DNA Huntress is a group of professional genealogists who took their passion for family history to the next level. As graduates of Boston University's (BU) 15-week intensive Genealogical Research certificate program,  we are prepared to help others with their family research needs. We know research techniques, how to follow the standards, document, and report the results to you. Some of us have also had additional education, for example, in DNA analysis. 

Discovering You Genealogically

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To unite the past with the present and future. 


Giving a voice to the ancestors by helping the people of today understand their purpose. 


Started by Ariana Fiorello, Discovering You Genealogically is designed to connect the present to the past through genealogy and family history research. Understanding your ancestry can often help you to understand who you are and who you are meant to be. There is a sense of wholeness in knowing you come from something bigger than what you can imagine. Your ancestors had lives and knowing them makes them more human and knowing where they come from, essentially means that's where you also came from. It's a small world and somehow we are all connected. Find out who you're really connected to. Find out your purpose. Discover You Genealogically. 

Tess Regan, Baker/Event Planner
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Discovering You

Ariana Fiorello is the founder of Discovering You Genealogically and is an active researcher. She attended Spelman College, where she received a B.A. in English and minored in African Diaspora. She has also taken several Genealogy courses and is now a professional genealogist. She specializes in African American Ancestry and Italian Ancestry. She can also assist in self-research. 

Tess Regan is a passionate individual, who has a love for baking and planning/hosting parties. She attends the University of New Hampshire, where she is majoing in dietary nutrition. She has experience catering for parties with her baked goods, as well as planning and hosting a variety of parties. She joins this team to bring her creativity to people interested in trying something new to bring the family together. 

Ariana Fiorello, CEO/Researcher
ariana.fiorello@geneallogically-discoveringyou.com | Phone: 781-866-2234

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