"The best way to know who you are, is to know who you come from"

Discovering You is proud to be a member of DNA Huntress. DNA Huntress is a group of professional genealogists who took their passion for family history to the next level. As graduates of Boston University's (BU) 15-week intensive Genealogical Research certificate program,  we are prepared to help others with their family research needs. We know research techniques, how to follow the standards, document, and report the results to you. Some of us have also had additional education, for example, in DNA analysis. 

Discovering You Genealogically

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Ages: 8-13

It seems like lately, more and more children are becoming bored with their educations. They are not "entertained" by their education. To get children to attempt to be more engaged in their education, this program is geared toward incorporating genealogy/family history in the essential core subjects taught within the classroom: English, Math, History/Social Studies, Science/Social Science, Artistry (art and music), and being physically active in some of the activities. 

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English - Children will engage in short in class readings and be tasked with small assignments outside of class to learn about oral stories. Interviews of relatives will be asked and children will be tasked with writing down their observations. Each age category determines the extensiveness of the assignment. 

Math - Looking at generations and trying to understand how many ancestors (minimum) are in each generation will be calculated through math. Math plays a small role in family history, but it is still relevant in the education of children and may help others better understand equations they struggled with. 

History/Social Studies - Children will look at their own families to determine which time period and location s their ancestors once lived. Assignments include creating an ancestral map and other small assignments to help understand world and US history. 

Science/Social Science - Children will engage in a hands on DNA project and learn about pedigree charting and the passing of DNA. In addition, children will be tasked to try to look at psychology to understand why their ancestors made certain decisions. 

Artistry - To understand diversity and cultures, we will look at some of the music and art of the locations and time periods that the children's ancestors' once lived. 

Physical Activity - We will do our best to re-enact some of the events the children's ancestors once lived. This may be going outside and pretending or taking a field trip to some of the places their ancestors once visited. 

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The key objective of this program is to use family history to make learning fun.